Agency services for your business in Republic of Belarus

An essential attribute of formation of the company, its approval in the domestic and international market and in recent years has been the representation of the interests of the company in the market of the Republic of Belarus.
Undoubtedly, many foreign companies carry out the search of potential customers in our market, but not always so search ends with success. It depends on many factors, in particular, the distance from the prospective client, not ownership complete picture of the Belarusian market, not having the opportunities of studying the subtleties of procurement procedures "on place".
We are pleased to inform that based on the positive experience of work, namely the representation of foreign companies on the the territory of the Republic of Belarus, our company will help you in promoting your products and services.

To date, we are independent Agents of such companies as Steriflow SAS (France), ZhengChang (China), Agrota-2L Kft. (Hungary),CZ Biolines s.r.o. (Czech Republic).

What we suggest for you:

1. Monitor the sales market in the Republic of Belarus specifically for your products and services.
2. Negotiations with potential customers on all technical and commercial issues.
3. The organization of meetings of your representatives and customers.
4. Negotiates all the necessary documentation for the transaction.
5. Participation in tenders and competitions, procurement which held by potential customers in the Republic of Belarus.
6. Support of Belarusian customers during business trip to your company.
7. Help for your company to develop a business plan for a specific project.
8. Periodically informing your company about changes in legislation of the Republic of Belarus associated with the import and buying of your products and services.
9. Search for specific projects for investment.
10. Search for resources, materials for production in the territory of the Republic of Belarus.
11. Control of a joint venture founding.

In addition to the above, we provide other services contain specific to each project.

The cost of agency services negotiated for each project separately.

With kind regards and looking for a positive, long-term cooperation.

Contact information:
tel. +375293422995
tel.fax. +375 17 3288312
email: info@agrosel.by



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